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Zee Zippers a product of Zip Industries Ltd a part of the Jhaver group an innovative corporate conglomerate with 110+ year's track record having diversified business interests covering pharmaceuticals, pesticides, agro chemicals, software etc and is based in Chennai, India.

We are South Asia's first zipper company established in 1956.producing a comprehensive range of zippers at its vertically integrated manufacturing processes consisting of knitting, weaving, forming, sewing, injection molding, die casting, dyeing, painting, plating, auto assembly & precision tooling. The entire process is in a single location with strict quality control measures. The product range is one of the USP's of ZEE Zippers - entire range of zippers from this single source viz. Coil zippers), Concealed / Invisible, Molded / Plastic, Metal in different styles - closed, open end, combined with wide range of pullers and sliders. We also has the flexibility to offer zippers with plastic and ultra-sonic stoppers for baby safe applications / requirements.

We firmly believe that our customers are stakeholders in our journey and it has been our constant endeavor to match your needs be it product range, quality parameters, delivery and sales support and we pledge to put you first in our journey into fashion, function and beyond.

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